Visitors and residents alike will agree that Las Vegas is one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Let me count the ways: only in Vegas can you make a fortune with the pull of a slot lever or lose it all on the strip with one bad casino bet. Many people move to Las Vegas or visit the famous las vegas strip for various reasons, including the obvious hustler mindset and the opportunity to utilize their skill sets and services. At Empire Cash Car Rental, we understand that mobility and credit can sometimes dampen plans needed to stay focused while keeping your eyes on the goal and navigating the usual various Las Vegas distractions. That’s why at Empire Cash Car Rental, we offer No Credit Check Car Rentals that you can rent with a Debit Card or Cash!

Empire Cash Car Rentals accepts deposits in cash, debit, cash-app, Zelle Venmo, or prepaid cards like Chime. There will never be a credit check at Empire Cash Car Rentals. Drivers under the age of 25 are permitted to rent with us. There’s no need to have or use your credit card!

Many recognizable industries work differently in Sin City Las Vegas because it is a young and unique city. Most rental car companies require a major credit card, a legitimate physical copy of your driver’s license, and a return ticket home, not to mention an above-average credit score when renting a car. 

Empire Cash Car Rentals offers Car Rentals with Debit Cards, Cash, or Prepaid Debit Card. No Credit Checks Required.

Many tourists and locals get discouraged looking to rent a car with a debit card or a prepaid card. While renting a vehicle with a debit card may be typical in other major cities like New York or Philadelphia, we are one of the few companies that allow you to rent a car in Las Vegas without a credit card. 

Empire Car Rental is a Debit card and cash rental car company that accepts drivers under the age of 25 while performing no credit check to rent a car, and you can pay cash for rental cars with us.

So whether you’ve had a good night on the Las Vegas Strip or you simply want to do it big in Las Vegas, we believe cash still trumps all other payments! Just present a valid driver’s license, and Empire Cash Car Rental will rent you an excellent reliable vehicle without a credit card. Drivers under 25 are subject to a $20/a day underage fee, but that’s a small price to pay when touring Las Vegas, visiting the Grand Canyon, running errands, or just cruising the strip.

 No credit check and no deposit car rentals are almost impossible to come by since credit has become an essential factor in our lives. Empire Cash Car Rental will verify your identity only without putting another credit inquiry on your credit which is HUGE.

Out-of-state travel is allowed with a higher deposit.

Renting a car with no credit card is no problem at Empire Cash Car Rental.